Forestry Products

Since our work began in 2016, we have gained expertise in sourcing and delivering forestry resins and their derivatives, from the forests of Indonesia to our long-term partners.

Gum Benzoin

Gum Benzoin, also known as gum Benjamin, is a fragrant balsamic resin obtained from Gum Benzoin trees (Styrax benzoin). The gum of the tree is harvested from the tree’s bark.

  • Mata Kasar (Nauli)
  • Tahir A
  • Tahir B
  • Nut
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Julur A/B
  • Durame
  • Abu
Ispak Gum Benzonin

Damar Batu

Damar Batu (or resin stone) is the petrified natural resin of ancient shorean trees. It is obtained by collecting hardened resin exudes, lying below the ground in fossilized form, close to the tree roots.

  • Bombay Yellow
  • Bombay Normal
  • Calcuta Normal
  • Dust

Gum Damar

Gum damar is a natural resin from trees in the Dipterocarpaceae family. It is readily soluble in spirits and gives very pale films with high gloss, that is impermeable with excellent colour stability.

  • AB/Super
  • ABX/ABX Super
  • AC Semi
  • AC Bagus
  • CK
  • Dust A
  • Dust B
Ispak Gum Damar

Gum Copal

Gum Copal is a natural resin of plants of the Daniellia genus. Its application is important in the production of varnish, incense sticks, paint, paper coating, and many more.

  • PWS
  • DBB
  • WS
  • Dust
Ispak Gum Copal

Oleo Pine Resin

Oleo Pine Resin is the natural raw material derived from Indonesian Pine Trees (Pine Mercusii). Resins are obtained by the tapping of living pine trees, which is a labor intensive operation similar to rubber-tapping, used to produce Gum Rosin & Turpentine Oil.


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